Blog Post Ideas for your Health & Wellness Blog

Blogging help to establish yourself as an expert in the health and wellness niche. If you have run low on ideas on what to cover in your next blog post, here are some ideas to consider.

health and wellness blog post ideas

As a health and wellness expert, blogging provides a great means of sharing your expertise and building a strong online presence. Also, blogging can help to establish yourself as an expert in the health and wellness niche.

However, maintaining an active blog is not always easy. You will have to be constantly and consistently creating fresh, high-quality content. And as you may have probably noticed, coming up with what to write can be a challenge.

But, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of compelling health and wellness blog post ideas, which you can use for inspiration. So, if you have run low on ideas on what to cover in your next blog post, here are some ideas to consider.

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Workouts and Training Plans

If you are a professional personal trainer and you are looking for content ideas for your blog post, then you can simply opt to cover workouts and training plans. With workouts and training plans, you can target two groups within your target audience.

First, you have a particular group of people who would love to maintain an active lifestyle. But, injuries, body image concerns or tight schedules are discouraging them from going to the gym or exercising.

Second, you have a group that’s already maintaining an active lifestyle. However, this group can also benefit from professional advice, which can enable them to achieve the results they are looking for, without risking injuries or losing motivation.

And, your health and wellness blog can be the perfect source of information for these two groups. Some of the topics that you can cover under workouts and training plans include:

  • 10 exercises you can do at home without any equipment
  • 10 effective total body workouts
  • 20 strength training exercises for people with injuries
  • 20 best beginner exercises for strength training and endurance

When creating a blog post about any of the above topics, it will be highly advisable to incorporate videos or photos of how to execute the above exercises. Doing so will make your blog post helpful and useful to the reader.

Recipes and Meal Plans

Blogging about healthy meal plans and recipes can also be a great idea if you are having a hard time coming up with a blog post topic. With meal plans and recipes, you will be meeting an immediate user need.

For instance, if someone is searching for a baked beef recipe or a specific meal plan, they are probably looking for something they can use either that same day or that week. And, your meal plans or recipe will come in handy.

When it comes to creating meal plans and recipes as a blog post, you have plenty of ideas or topics to choose from, based on your niche. Here are a couple of ideas to consider for your blog post:

  • 5 healthy recipes for vegans
  • A 7-day meal plan for bodybuilding
  • 10  healthy recipes for diabetics who work out
  • A quick baked chicken recipe

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Your health and wellness blog can also act as a source of inspiration and motivation, for people struggling in various aspects of their lives. And this is where mindfulness quotes come in. Quotes can help to inspire your audience and give them a confidence boost. Also, they can help to motivate and inspire your audience into taking a particular action.

With this blog post idea, you can have a series of blog posts, featuring mindfulness quotes from different categories. For instance, you can have a blog post on quotes about mindful eating, quotes about mindful living, quotes about mindfulness at work, quotes about mindful breathing and quotes about mindful movement, just to name a few.

You can also opt to have a single blog post, with each category of mindfulness quote having a separate subheading. Regardless of the format you choose, a blog post on mindfulness quotes can be a great means of uplifting, motivating and inspiring your audience.

Ultimate Guides

Ultimate guides provide a great means of including helpful and useful, long-form content to your target audience. As its name suggests, long-form content refers to in-depth, detailed and long posts. Creating an ultimate guide comes with two main benefits.

First, you will be providing your reader with insightful, actionable and helpful information on a particular topic. Second, ultimate guides provide more opportunities to include more, relevant keywords. As a result, they can help to boost your search engine rankings.


While guides may provide in-depth information, they may not appeal to everyone. For instance, someone may be too busy, meaning they may not have the time for long-form content. Also, some people prefer information that’s easy to consume. And this is where listicles come in.

For a listicle blog post, you simply need to have a short, introductory paragraph, followed by a couple of bullet points. However, ensure the tips that you share in your listicle are actionable and practical.


Coming up with new topics for your health and wellness blog continually can be a challenge for most people. If you are facing this challenge, you can simply work with one of the ideas we’ve shared in this article.

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