Top 6 tips for promoting a live reunion band concert

With the right mixture of planning and marketing, your live reunion band concert can become one to remember for ages to come, so here are a few tips to get you on the right path.

live reunion band concert

A band reunion is a highly exciting event, if it is planned in the right way. This is especially true if that band has had a place in people’s nostalgic memories. However, if no one really knows about this concert, then you’ll lose out on considerable potential.

So, you need to plan this live reunion band concert in the most effective way possible. In addition, this is not just a matter of logistics and getting the band together in a venue. Marketing plays a major role, and can make all the difference between a lukewarm response and a raging success. With the right mixture of planning and marketing, your event can become one to remember for ages to come, so here are a few tips to get you on the right path.

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Decide the dates & logistics

This might be obvious, but the logistics and dates need to be decided well in advance. Depending on your venue, you might even need a headway of a year or so. Therefore, you should have your venue, dates, and other equipment and staging details confirmed before you do anything else.

This is also important to ensure all the band members agreeing to reunite are available and have ample heads-up to keep those dates for this particular event. Furthermore, do all the costing, and figure out the right price for this concert’s tickets, along with any extras you might be offering. It’s a good idea to have special edition merch and physical albums on sale at the venue. Once these details are out of the way, along with the ticketing price and system, you can move on to the next steps.

Distribute live music flyers

live music flyers

The biggest asset of a reunion concert is the band’s old hits and songs which have a strong place in people’s nostalgia. So, you need to build excitement in your audience by reminding them of these. Live music flyers are a great way to do this. Create a live band poster using the templates on PosterMyWall, and share it online.

You can also use this flyer for digital signboards, if you’re opting for OOH marketing mediums. Make sure you design this marketing collateral well, and start distributing it a few months in advance to generate excitement.

Target the right audience

This is the keystone of your strategy. The right audience targeting will make a massive difference to the success of your event. Of course, you’ll target the age group which grew up listening to the band, but you can also leverage newer audiences as well.

These days, younger listeners appreciate older music, so you can get a whole new audience for the band if you create a concert marketing campaign that targets their preferences as well. Recently, Gen Z has become one of the highest groups of spenders on items like vintage band shirts and digital music, so you really need to try and make them interested in this live reunion band concert.

Involve influencers

Influencer marketing is important in this day and age, especially when you want to bring younger audiences on board. Do your research and get a few celebrities and influencers to share teasers and videos about the reunion concert. Ideally, these celebrities should be ones which appeal to both older and younger audiences.

Send invites and tickets to a few key influencers, and have them share posts and let their followers know they’ll be attending the concert. This will take your event to the next level, and make audiences excited about seeing not only the band, but also other celebrities and influencers.

Get band members to share teasers

Short videos are a must if you want to plan and promote a reunion concert. Get band members to drop hints in short videos and posts on their social media platforms about this concert. This can be in the form of little music snippets, behind-the-scenes videos, and recent pictures of the band members together.

Have the band members share these well ahead of time, and then, have them announce the concert in short videos. This will keep the conversation running about the band, and will generate considerable online hype.

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Create band posters

Often, going classic is one of the best things you can do, especially with something like a reunion band concert. Recreate the band’s older posters and album covers, with some updates for the upcoming concert in comparison. In addition, create a brand new band poster to hype up the concert, but with key elements which pay homage to the older ones.

Share these posters online and also print them out to post at strategic places. You can also sell them as merch for fans, or make them part of a ticketing package. These posters should be designed well, and appeal to both older fans and people who are new to the music.

So, those were a few ways you can plan out and promote a live reunion band concert. The key is to invoke nostalgia without seeming old-fashioned. Find the right balance and you’re sure to have a hit on your hands.

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