How to Play YouTube in the Background on Your iPhone & iPad

Play YouTube in the Background

YouTube is a great platform for listening to music and watching videos, however, its application is limited.

Indeed, it does not remain active when your screen is off or you are using another application simultaneously unless you subscribe to its Premium version for €11.99/month.

To enjoy Youtube in the background and for free, you will have to go through a browser or a third-party app. In the rest of this tutorial, we will explain how.

Play YouTube in the background through a browser

There was a time when it was possible to listen to YouTube through Safari or Google Chrome, but this workaround no longer works with those browsers …

On the other hand, this is possible with Firefox or Opera and in order not to be redirected to the official YouTube application already installed on your iPhone, we suggest that you type directly in the address bar.

Once on the YouTube page, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Find music to listen to and choose your video.
  2. Start reading, then wait for the ads to end.
  3. Tap the full screen icon.
  4. Close Firefox or Opera.
  5. Go to Control Center on your iPhone.
  6. Tap the Play icon to continue listening to your video while using other apps.

Music should then continue to play, even when you are on another application.

Play YouTube in the background through a third-party app

If the technique suggested above does not work, due to updates from Apple or for various reasons, then go through a third-party application such as iPlay Tube.

  • Open iPlay Tube to find a list of the latest music or to search.
  • Start playing the video.
  • To listen to the music in the background, wait until the ads are finished and the video is playing.
  • Return to the Home screen.

Now when you put your iPhone or iPad to sleep, the sound will continue to play.

However, if the music stops, then go to your Control Center and hit the play button.

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