Experts Predict Ethereum Will Outclass Bitcoin On The Market

Nicholas Merten described why he believes this hypothesis in a video on his YouTube channel.


According to cryptography specialist Nicholas Merten, after achieving its greatest value since May 2018, ethereum will overtake bitcoin in the market and become the dominant digital currency. Even if these events would not take place immediately, he expressed confidence that “altcoins” will eventually overtake bitcoin as the leading cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency market.

The implications of this are extremely bullish. If you look at this chart, you must be able to recognize this type of technical pattern, which is a first initial super break here in price after having multiple lower lows and higher highs, coming out of the capitulation or accumulation phase,” as shown in the video.

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He posted the information on his YouTube channel, in which he informs his fans that, based on the graphs of the various cryptocurrencies, it is apparent that etheruem will be passed on to all of the other cryptocurrencies. “Only time will tell if ethereum will surpass bitcoin in value, but the likelihood of that happening is become increasingly plausible,” Merten said.

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