All Pixel 8 Parts Will be Available for Seven Years, Google Promises

The availability of hardware for everyone is one of Google’s promises.

Pixel 8 Parts

The Pixel 8 series will receive longer smartphone support because Google said it would maintain the hardware and components of the new device for up to seven years so users could access them. It coincides with Google’s commitment to provide support for the Pixel 8 series for seven years, with an emphasis on ongoing Android operating system updates through the end of this decade.

Despite the fact that Google releases new consumer tech products to the world on a yearly basis, this new claim will allow for broad access to Pixel hardware and parts.

Pixel 8 Parts to Be Available for Seven Years for Repairs

Google Pixel 8 Pro

(Photo: Google Blog)

A recent report from Android Authority claims that

Google has promised that parts will be available for the Pixel 8 series for up to seven years, giving users access to the technology until 2030.

Seven years will pass before parts become obsolete. Soniya Jobanputra, Google’s director of product management, said, “That’s a part of our promise. “We need to make our parts available so you can keep your hardware alive for that long.”

Google is well-known for its collaboration with iFixit to make this hardware available for users to purchase, but it was unclear if these parts will be directly available to users in the upcoming seven years.

In addition, Google has promised to provide support for Android OS upgrades for the Pixel 8 series for seven years, or until 2030, in terms of software updates.

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Google Wants Users to Access Pixel 8 Parts

Pixel 8 Pro

(Photo: Google Store)

In spite of being fixed, smartphones may endure a long time if they receive proper care and have high-quality parts installed, just like other technologies like vehicles and PCs. In addition to the yearly update of the Pixel series, this access to Pixel 8 components will be added, with Google providing this hardware for those who are not keen on upgrading their devices yearly.

Google has not yet disclosed how to make these elements available to the general public.

Right to Repair and Google

The Right to Repair movement has altered consumers’ and tech industry leaders’ perceptions of the variety of remedies for malfunctioning gadgets. With Google announcing a big agreement with iFixit last year, supplying parts and instructions for do-it-yourself repairs, consumers would no longer be required to bring it to authorized service providers.

Given that it offers parts for the Pixel 2 up to the Pixel 6 Pro, Google’s inventory of parts for its various devices is substantial. It is significant to highlight that these components are original and come from Google, with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 8 series of recent smartphones also having availability on iFixit and other marketplaces.

Parts that were previously gatekept by IT corporations for a long time have become significantly more accessible to the nation thanks to the expansive Right to Repair campaign. The numerous parts required for Google’s Pixel 8’s repair will be available soon, with the Mountain View company pledging as long as seven years of part availability, which would let the device last till the end of this decade.

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