20 Legit Ways To Get More Followers on Facebook

Increasing your Facebook followers involves more than just updating consistently. To establish sustainable plans, you must understand what attracts your audience — through data research and community participation.

Get More Followers on Facebook

Do you want to get more followers on Facebook? Increasing the number of people who see your business page is a terrific approach to increase brand awareness. However, with recent algorithm adjustments, attracting additional fans is more difficult than ever.

Your follower count on social media provides insight into your brand’s awareness and reach. That is why collecting followers is frequently a primary objective for brands, particularly as they scale.

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Therefore, how do you acquire followers? We know that purchasing them is ineffective since it rarely results in engagement. The good news is that there are 20 ways to get more followes on Facebook. Let us examine them in greater detail below.

1. Develop your FB marketing strategy

Creating a social media strategy for your Facebook Business Page is the first step in increasing brand awareness. A strong strategy provides direction for your team and a playbook from which to generate new ideas. Additionally, it assists you in evaluating your performance through the appropriate perspective.

Consider the following when creating your playbook:

  • How does success manifest itself?
  • What is it that our audience desires to see?
  • How should we approach our target audience?
  • Which strategies do our competitors employ on Facebook?

2. Post often on Facebook

Your posting schedule is inextricably connected to the number of followers you have. Why? The more content you publish, the more visible you become to your target demographic and the more likely you are to gain new followers.

Two tools to help you streamline your publication process are as follows:

A content calendar – This is used to plan out the type of content that will be shared on your social media platforms and when it will be shared. A content calendar is especially beneficial for aligning your social media material with impending events, like as product or service launches.

A social media publishing tool — Publishing to your Facebook Page manually can be time consuming and divert your attention away from more vital duties. With a publishing tool, you may schedule posts to go live at a certain time and date, ensuring that your page remains active at all times.

3. Host giveaways: Get More Followers on Facebook

Giveaways can be a cost-effective method of increasing brand awareness and attracting new Facebook members to your page.

Set rules that encourage audience participation to optimize the impact of your gift. For example, your giveaway could ask users to tag a friend in the giveaway post and create their own post in order to be eligible to win.

The more involvement your followers provide, the more likely your giveaway will reach new users.

4. Vary your content

One reason your follower count has plateaued is that your content is failing to engage with customers.

Experiment with several types of postings to determine which ones generate the most shares, comments, and other forms of engagement. You may discover that videos work far better than photos, or that particular topics generate significantly more shares than others.

As you see patterns in what works and what does not, adjust your plan accordingly, observe, and continue exploring.

5. Post at the right time

Does it make a difference if you post something on Facebook and no one sees it?

Viability is critical in social networking. While posting consistently is the first step toward enhancing your visibility, you must also match your posting schedule to your audience’s scrolling patterns.

If your users are most active on Facebook between 5:00 and 9:00 PM, it is the optimal time for you to publish your material. If you publish outside of that window, your content may be completely overlooked.

6. Create shareable content

What is your initial reaction nowadays when you see something that is instructive, entertaining, motivating, or simply interesting? My responsibility is to click the “share” button and forward it to others.

Creating shareable content is one of the most effective strategies for gaining followers because it broadens your reach.

What imparts that sharing quality on something? It varies according to the audience you’re trying to reach, but one constant is that it must resonate. Perhaps your article addresses a concern they have or explores a subject of interest to them.

Additionally, shareable content is digestible – there is a reason why the most viral films are often from TikTok and Instagram Reels. They are succinct and direct.

Finally, ensure that your content is visually pleasing. If your team lacks the resources to invest in developing these creative assets internally, consider outsourcing them to independent freelancers.

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7. Connect with your audience

Like the majority of social media users, Facebook users want to feel seen and heard by the brands with whom they interact. Your brand should make it a priority to engage with its followers on a regular basis, whether that means responding to a direct message or a remark on a recent article.

These interactions not only increase engagement, but also have the potential to increase brand loyalty. And as we all know, a brand-loyal consumer will spread the word and recruit additional brand promoters, acting as unofficial influencers.

8. Promote your FB Page everywhere

If you want to increase the number of followers on your business page, you should drive traffic to it whenever possible. There are several ways to accomplish this:

  • Integrate a Facebook widget onto your website.
  • Incorporate a call to action (CTA) into your email newsletter to encourage subscribers to visit your Facebook page.
  • Embed your Facebook postings into your blog posts whenever possible.
  • Conduct your giveaways exclusively through Facebook.
  • Other social media networks might help you promote your Facebook Page.

9. Add your FB social link to all online platforms

Your Facebook link should be visible on all of your web profiles. This includes your website, email address, and social media accounts.

It’s as simple as labeling the social icons “Follow Us” or “Connect With Us,” as demonstrated in the business above.

The more easily you can be found, the more likely you are to get followers.

10. Work with influencers: Get More Followers on Facebook

Working with influencers is beneficial for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is the credibility they lend to your company. When an influencer endorses a brand, this is considered social proof (i.e., a stamp of approval).

You can collaborate with influencers to reach an audience with whom you have yet to connect and increase traffic to your Facebook Page.

Additionally, studies suggest that consumers believe the word of an influencer more than the word of a brand. Thus, by cooperating with influencers, you can gain new fans who already trust your business.

11. Partner up with another business or brand

Co-marketing is a marketing strategy in which two brands with similar audiences and marketing objectives collaborate on marketing initiatives.

Co-marketing campaigns on Facebook can take the form of a month-long video series or week-long Facebook Live events co-hosted with your partner.

This strategy enables businesses to leverage their unique distribution channels to reach new audiences and share campaign results.

12. Offer a coupon and discounts

Along with giveaways, there are further strategies to encourage your audience to promote your company, such as offering coupons.

For example, using a plugin such as Shopify’s Facebook Likes Popup, you can provide a discount code to users who like your Facebook Page when making a purchase on your site.

Additionally, you can give discount vouchers to promote Facebook reviews, which act as social proof and can help you increase your follower count.

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13. Join Facebook Groups: Get More Followers on Facebook

By becoming a member of a Facebook Group, you can gain direct access to your target audience.

You can gain firsthand insight into the requirements, worries, likes, and dislikes of your audience. Additionally, it provides another avenue for establishing a more personal connection with them.

However, bear in mind that this is not the place to sell; rather, use it to introduce yourself to your target personas and establish true connections.

14. Create your own Facebook Group

Having your own Facebook Group is arguably the second-best medium after an email list.

As with email subscribers, a Facebook Group user joined your group and continues to do so because it brings value to their lives.

This is another method of attracting your target audience, establishing a strong community, and providing value to your user personas.

15. Analyze your Facebook Insights dashboard

Your Facebook Insights dashboard contains the analytics for your page.

It provides insight into how users behave on your Facebook Business Page and the performance of your posts.

Utilize it as a resource to determine which techniques are generating followers and which should be changed.

16. Use hashtags in your posts

Hashtags are an excellent way to increase your visibility on Facebook. You can use them to enhance your following count and assist your target market locate your content.

It’s critical to mix popular and niche hashtags to ensure that your posts receive sufficient visibility without becoming lost in a sea of postings.

17. Make your FB page SEO

The last thing you want is for someone to attempt to follow your page but is unable to do so due to a lack of visibility. While some may be tenacious, others may give up after an unsuccessful initial search.

To avoid this issue entirely, optimize your Facebook Page for search to ensure your content is always easily discoverable. Several methods are as follows:

  • Maintain a consistent username across all of your social media platforms.
  • Enhance your profile image with your logo and a cover photo that reflects your brand.
  • Include a comprehensive “About” section.
  • Maintain current contact information and business hours.

18. Authenticate your page

Bots and fake business pages aimed at deceiving consumers abound on social media. This may make some Facebook users wary of following brands they are unfamiliar with.

Authenticating your page can help establish your brand’s legitimacy and provide your audience with the reassurance they require. You must complete this form in order to request a Facebook verification badge.

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19. Create original content

As new social media platforms acquire traction, it’s common for content to be recycled from one site to the next. While this makes writing on a consistent basis easier, it may be harming your engagement.

Each social media network and its users are unique. According to a 2019 Buffer survey, Facebook users prefer videos above other types of content. The most effective content on Facebook is humorous, interesting, or useful.

Keeping this in mind, it is critical to tailor your content to the platform. Repurposing your content can extend its life. This should not, however, be your sole tactic. Always remember to listen to your audience and create material that meets their needs.

20. Run Fecbook ads: Get More Followers on Facebook

Along with the measures outlined previously, you can also run advertising to increase your Facebook reach.

You may target individuals on Facebook Ads based on their demographics, activities, and interests. This ensures that you only approach users that closely fit your user persona and are therefore more likely to convert.

Increasing your Facebook followers involves more than just updating consistently. To establish sustainable plans, you must understand what attracts your audience — through data research and community participation.

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