5 Best Apps To Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

People can also turn to today’s technology to help get that good night’s sleep they have been wanting. Here are 5 best apps that can help you get the good night sleep.

good night sleep

19 March is the 14th anniversary of World Sleep Day — a worldwide event organized by the World Sleep Society that focuses on the importance of good sleep and on how it affects our daily operation and health overall.

The event also raises awareness about sleep problems and how sleep disorders can be prevented and managed.

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Why is sleep so important?

Not sleeping properly affects appetite-regulating hormones that cause weight gain. Sleep deficiency increases appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin production and reduces appetite hormone leptin production.

Poor sleep often has a lack of concentration and efficiency and poor performance of the exercise.

The National Sleep Foundation suggests averaging seven to eight hours per day of sleep, but they have recognized that the criteria for adequate sleeping time differ between individuals.

Improving Sleep Quality with Technology

Health professionals suggest countless ways to increase the quality of sleep, including proper sleep hygiene and minimize potential sleep disturbances.

People would still use today’s technology to help them sleep that nice night.

Here you can find the five best apps for shut-eye use.

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Sleep Cycle

Sleep cycle allows someone to monitor the time and pattern of their sleep and to interpret their sounds through their phones.

Tracking the sleep pattern of the user allows the app to wake you up – while your body is in a sleep phase – so that you feel fresher.


Headspace was officially unveiled in 2010, and deals with meditation methods to quiet your mind.

The app includes many courses based on themes related to conscious living and some neat tricks, like altering the voice of the speaker to be louder and quieter than the ambient background sounds.

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Noisli has the desire to relax and adapt sounds according to the taste and the user’s favor.

The app can be used to drown out noisy sounds when working or to set the ideal stage for you to sleep in the night.


Calm gives users an application to sleep faster with sleeping stories, calming music, or guided lessons about subtle body-relaxing movements.

According to the app’s official site, their team is working alongside a number of leading academic researchers and clinicians to guide them and examine their endeavors to ensure that they provide sound and efficient scientific tools to sleep in the night.

Relax Melodies

Relax melodies, dubbed one of Apple’s “Most Positively Reviewed App,” enables users to play different sounds to make them sleepy and keep sleeping.

You can set the app to play or close down music all night after a while.

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