Best Web Design Tactics that Can Rack Up a Plumbing Company’s Business

Your website is the face of the plumbing industry. Potential customers can be turned off by bad web design if they do not find the details they need.

Plumbing Web Design Tactics

Your website is the face of the plumbing industry. Potential customers can be turned off by bad web design if they do not find the details they need. Any plumbing website should respond in three seconds to three essential questions:

  1. What is your company about?
  2. What services do you provide?
  3. How will customers contact you?

Besides answering these questions right on the home page, attention should also be paid to the details, particularly when it comes to web design. Here are 5 tips from seasoned web designers for generating leads using the layout and design of your website.

A professional plumbing logo legitimizes your business. Visitors will prefer your company to another company that does not have a professional logo on their website. The bigger the logo, the better the company this is what most consumers generally consider when they visit a website. Employ a qualified designer brand logo to kick-start the web design process. Remember that many customers are associating businesses with their logos, so use this to your benefit.

2. Sticky header

Use a sticky header on your plumbing website. Scrolling up each time you want to navigate to the services or contacts page is irritating. A sticky header freezes those menus even if you scroll down the website to the bottom. If a potential customer wishes to read your entire home page content before visiting the service page, he/she would prefer to do so without scrolling up.

3. Call to action

A call to action will inspire visitors to act. It should be asking them how to contact your business on a plumbing website. Fill in a contact form for example, or call your office number. Often build a simple call to action post, such as “Same Day Service” or “To schedule an appointment call 1234 5678.”

4. Services list

Google is striving to give viewers the closest answers to their queries. And your website will leverage this opportunity to the full. Answer the “Types of Services to Plumb” problem right on the home page of your site. You can also put small descriptions of each service, such as re-piping using the latest¬†hydraulic fitting, plumbing maintenance involving thorough checks with CCTV cameras, or installation of new plumbing systems in residential and commercial properties.

View the home page as the outfit for impressing viewers in your company. If they find the information they need, they’ll want to contact your company anytime plumbing services are needed.

5. Clear images

There’s nothing worse on a plumbing site than pixelated and blurred images. This indicates the website is really unprofessional. You can convey a simple message with clear imagery: that your company believes only in the clarity with its services. If you are using images from plumbing devices or your plumbers at work, make sure they are available on both the website’s desktop and mobile versions.

Your plumbing website will give your potential customers the tone of their business. It can open doors to hundreds of potential buyers, or even scare away the most loyal clients. Take into account those factors the next time you plan to change your web design.

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